[ClusterLabs] how to properly add/delete qdevice for an existing cluster

Sherrard Burton sb-clusterlabs at allafrica.com
Tue Apr 7 11:45:47 EDT 2020

please forgive me if i have overlooked the answer somewhere.

i have an existing cluster that is already configured with a qdevice. i 
now wish to update that configuration to point at a different qdevice.

for the sake of working through the initial configuration details, 
tuning, etc, i initially spun up a qdevice that lives on the same VM 
host as one of the member nodes. obviously this is not robust enough for 
production setup, so i have created a new qdevice elsewhere. now i want 
to update the existing cluster to point at the new qdevice. re-running 
corosync-qdevice-net-certutil results in:

Node <NODE1> seems to be already initialized. Please delete 

obviously, i could (and possibly must) muck around in 
/etc/corosync/qdevice/net/nssdb, but i thought i would ask on-list, for 
the benefit of future googlers, whether there is a proper way to manage 
the qdevice without blowing away the existing configuration and 


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