[ClusterLabs] temporary loss of quorum when member starts to rejoin

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Tue Apr 7 08:40:14 EDT 2020


> On 4/7/20 12:53 AM, Strahil Nikolov wrote:
>> Hi Sherrard,
>> Have you tried to increase the qnet timers in the corosync.conf ?
> Strahil,
> i have actually reduced the qnet timers in order to improve failover 
> response time, per Jan's suggestion on the thread '[ClusterLabs]  > reducing corosync-qnetd "response time"'

This is actually different problem and reduced qnetd and qdevice timers 
will not help. This problem is really about 2 node cluster which is half 
split into two single node memberships. Qnetd then gives vote to node 
with lowest node id, in this case it is newly restarted node.


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