[ClusterLabs] temporary loss of quorum when member starts to rejoin

Sherrard Burton sb-clusterlabs at allafrica.com
Mon Apr 6 13:20:09 EDT 2020

On 4/6/20 12:35 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
> 06.04.2020 17:05, Sherrard Burton пишет:
>> from the quorum node:
>> Apr 05 23:10:17 debug   Client ::ffff: (cluster
>> xen-nfs01_xen-nfs02, node_id 1) sent quorum node list.
>> Apr 05 23:10:17 debug     msg seq num = 6
>> Apr 05 23:10:17 debug     quorate = 0
>> Apr 05 23:10:17 debug     node list:
>> Apr 05 23:10:17 debug       node_id = 1, data_center_id = 0, node_state
>> = member
> Oops. How comes that node that was rebooted formed cluster all by
> itself, without seeing the second node? Do you have two_nodes and/or
> wait_for_all configured?

BTW, great eyes. i had not picked up on that little nuance. i had poured 
through this particular log a number of times, but it was very hard for 
me to discern the starting and stopping points for each logical group of 
messages. the indentation made some of it clear. but when you have a 
series of lines beginning in the left-most column, it is not clear 
whether they belong to the previous group, the next group, or they are 
their own group.

just wanted to note my confusion in case the relevant maintainer happens 
across this thread.

thanks again

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