[ClusterLabs] DRBD / LVM Global Filter Question

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Fri Apr 3 07:42:52 EDT 2020


I've read the relevant sections of the DRBD User Guide, visited various web sites, and spoken to people in the lists, but I'm still looking for a simple rule of thumb.

Basically, here is what I've come to understand:

  1.  If DRBD only lives *above* an LVM volume, then the default LVM filtering settings are fine; no changes are required to lvm.conf. The LVs will remain active on all DRBD nodes, and an LVM resource agent is not required.

  1.  If DRBD lives *below* or *between* LVM volumes, then:

     *   set global_filter to reject the DRBD backing devices
     *   set write_cache_state = 0
     *   set use_lvmetad = 0
     *   set volume_list to include block devices required to boot
     *   remove /etc/lvm/cache/.cache.
     *   run lvscan
     *   regenerate initrd
     *   reboot
     *   Use a cluster resource agent to activate/de-activate LVs as required by cluster operation

Please feel free to correct any mistakes.


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