[ClusterLabs] Is 20 seconds to complete redis switchover to be expected?

steven prothero steven at marimo-tech.com
Wed Apr 1 00:56:15 EDT 2020

Hello Strahil,

I will increase the :

 redis monitoring interval:
op monitor interval="1s"

as you suggest and run the tests again

I will also research about the power off... when I run it manually it
seems very fast.  Perhaps the fence software has some settings I can
change. I will investigate further.  I assume it is sending the OFF
command and then waiting and then sending the STATUS command to make
sure its off and then returns....

This corosync.conf was setup from staff in the past... I wonder if the
token & consensus should be changed and also "expected_votes: 2" since
this is a 2 node cluster is that supposed to be 1? or maybe i can
comment that out?

I am looking at:

I will adjust the corosync.conf to match the example and run tests
again.  Not sure what "amf" is....

My corosync.conf looks like this:

totem {
        version: 2
        token: 3000
        token_retransmits_before_loss_const: 10
        join: 60
        consensus: 3600
        vsftype: none
        max_messages: 20
        clear_node_high_bit: yes
        secauth: off
        threads: 0
        rrp_mode: passive
        interface {
                ringnumber: 0
                bindnetaddr: 10.24.x.y
                mcastport: 5405
        transport: udpu
nodelist {
        node {
                ring0_addr: 10.24.x.y
                nodeid: 1
                name: node1.com
        node {
                ring0_addr: 10.24.x.z
                nodeid: 2
                name: node2.com
amf {
        mode: disabled
quorum {
         provider: corosync_votequorum
         expected_votes: 2
         two_node: 1
aisexec {
        user:   root
        group:  root
logging {
        fileline: off
        to_stderr: yes
        to_logfile: yes
        to_syslog: no
        syslog_facility: daemon
        debug: off
        logfile: /var/log/corosync/corosync.log
        timestamp: on
        logger_subsys {
                subsys: AMF
                debug: off
                tags: enter|leave|trace1|trace2|trace3|trace4|trace6



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