[ClusterLabs] Corosync unable to start after rpm generated but when we compiled from source code is working as expected

S Sathish S s.s.sathish at ericsson.com
Mon Sep 30 21:01:56 EDT 2019

Hi Team,

We have taken corosync source code from below git repository and compile and installed able to start corosync service as expected.


when we are try to create as RPM and installed on the node , after that we are unable to start the corosync service with below error.

RPM installed version : corosync-1.4.8-1.x86_64

While Starting the corosync server it got failed
# corosync
corosync [MAIN  ] Corosync Cluster Engine ('UNKNOWN'): started and ready to provide service.
corosync [MAIN  ] Corosync built-in features: nss
corosync [MAIN  ] Corosync Executive couldn't open configuration object database component.
corosync [MAIN  ] Corosync Cluster Engine exiting with status 12 at main.c:1811.

Please check and let us know if I missing any object library required for the same.

Thanks and Regards,
S Sathish S

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