[ClusterLabs] cleanup of a resource leads to restart of Virtual Domains

Lentes, Bernd bernd.lentes at helmholtz-muenchen.de
Thu Sep 26 09:25:08 EDT 2019


i had two errors with a GSF2 Partition several days ago:
gfs2_share_monitor_30000 on ha-idg-2 'unknown error' (1): call=103, status=Timed Out, exitreason='',
    last-rc-change='Thu Sep 19 13:44:22 2019', queued=0ms, exec=0ms

gfs2_share_monitor_30000 on ha-idg-1 'unknown error' (1): call=103, status=Timed Out, exitreason='',
    last-rc-change='Thu Sep 19 13:44:12 2019', queued=0ms, exec=0ms

Now i wanted to get rid of these messages and did a "resource cleanup".
I had to do this several times until both dissapeared.

But then all VirtualDomain resources restarted.

The config for the GSF2 is:
primitive gfs2_share Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/vg_san/lv_share" directory="/mnt/share" fstype=gfs2 options=acl \
        op monitor interval=30 timeout=20 \
        op start timeout=60 interval=0 \
        op stop timeout=60 interval=0 \
        meta is-managed=true

/mnt/share keeps the config files for VirtualDomains.

Here one VirtualDomain config (the others are the same):
primitive vm_crispor VirtualDomain \
        params config="/mnt/share/crispor.xml" \
        params hypervisor="qemu:///system" \
        params migration_transport=ssh \
        params migrate_options="--p2p --tunnelled" \
        op start interval=0 timeout=120 \
        op stop interval=0 timeout=180 \
        op monitor interval=30 timeout=25 \
        op migrate_from interval=0 timeout=300 \
        op migrate_to interval=0 timeout=300 \
        meta allow-migrate=true target-role=Started is-managed=true maintenance=false \
        utilization cpu=2 hv_memory=8192

The GFS2 Share is a group and the group is cloned:
group gr_share dlm clvmd gfs2_share gfs2_snap fs_ocfs2
clone cl_share gr_share \
        meta target-role=Started interleave=true

And for each VirtualDomain i have an order:
order or_vm_crispor_after_gfs2 Mandatory: cl_share vm_crispor symmetrical=true

Why are the domains restarted ? I thought a cleanup would just delete the error message.


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