[ClusterLabs] Apache doesn't start under corosync with systemd

Reynolds, John F - San Mateo, CA - Contractor John.F.Reynolds2 at usps.gov
Thu Oct 17 11:35:05 EDT 2019

With respect, I've given up on the ocf:heartbeat:apache module.

I've set up my Apache resource with:

# systemctl disable apache2
# crm configure primitive ncoa_apache systemd:apache2
# crm configure modgroup grp_ncoa add ncoa_apache

# crm configure show ncoa_apache
primitive ncoa_apache systemd:apache2

Apache doesn't start until the cluster is up.    When the cluster starts, Apache starts up on the active node.  The webserver migrates with the cluster when I move it from one node to another.  That's really all I want.

Tell me why this is a bad idea.

What options or other configurations should I add to the primitive?  Please give the command syntax.

John Reynolds

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