[ClusterLabs] Checking valid parameters in crm configure

Xin Liang XLiang at suse.com
Thu Oct 17 04:28:51 EDT 2019

On 10/17/19 4:10 PM,  Ulrich Windl  wrote:
> (I adjusted the subject for this sub-thread)
>>>> Xin Liang <XLiang at suse.com> schrieb am 17.10.2019 um 08:48 in Nachricht
> <bbe468be-6ac5-0203-77cf-c8cab1864881 at suse.com>:
>> Hi Ulrich,
>> Please try this:
>> crm configure validate-all <rsc>
> Hi!
> I didn't know that, but the output is uglier than I had expected (I had fixed the Boolean value in the meantime):
> ocf-exit-reason:check_params: /run/isredir-ML1/isredir-ML1 -T returned 3
> As my RA outputs this line I guess no output means OK
> When I put back the bad value, my RA outputs:
> ocf-exit-reason:validate: invalid value true for "logrotate"
> So I wonder: Doesn't crm convert the exit code to any output itself? What if the RA hadn't used the ocf-exit-reason?
> Finally:
> # help validate-all
> Help for command validate-all
> Note: This command is not documented.
> Usage: validate-all rsc

Thanks for using!
I will investigate on that.


Xin Liang
HA team, Beijing
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