[ClusterLabs] Apache doesn't start under corosync with systemd

Reynolds, John F - San Mateo, CA - Contractor John.F.Reynolds2 at usps.gov
Fri Oct 11 13:15:49 EDT 2019

>  If pacemaker is managing a resource, the service should not be enabled to start on boot (regardless of init or systemd). Pacemaker will start and stop the service as needed according to the cluster configuration.

Apache startup is disabled in systemctl, and there is no apache script in /etc/init.d

>Additionally, your pacemaker configuration is using the apache OCF script, so the cluster won't use /etc/init.d/apache2 at all (it invokes the httpd binary directly).
>Keep in mind that the httpd monitor action requires the status module to be enabled -- I assume that's already in place.

Yes, that is enabled, according to apache2ctl -M.

The resource configuration is

Primitive  ncoa_apache apache \
	Params configfile="/etc/apache2/httpd.conf"\
	Op monitor internval=40s timeout=60s\
	Meta target-role=Started

When I start the resource, crm status shows it in 'starting' mode, but never gets to 'Started'.

There is one process running "/bin/sh /usr/lib/ocf/resources.d/heartbeat/apache start"  but the httpd processes never come up.  What's worse, with that process running, the cluster resource can't migrate; I have to kill it before the cluster will finish cleanup and start  on the new node.  'crm resource cleanup ncoa_apache' hangs, as well.

Apache starts up just fine from the systemctl command, so it's not the Apache config that's broken.


John Reynolds SMUnix

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