[ClusterLabs] Unable to resource due to nvpair[@name="target-role"]: No such device or address

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Mon Oct 7 11:38:08 EDT 2019

On Mon, 2019-10-07 at 13:34 +0000, S Sathish S wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I have two below query , we have been using Rhel 6.5 OS Version with
> below clusterlab source code compiled.
> corosync-1.4.10
> pacemaker-1.1.10
> pcs-0.9.90
> resource-agents-3.9.2

Ouch, that's really old. It should still work, but not many people here
will have experience with it.
> Query 1 : we have added below resource group as required later we are
> trying to start the resource group , but unable to perform it .
>                    But while executing RA file with start option ,
> required service is started but pacemaker unable to recognized it
> started .

Are you passing any arguments on the command line when starting the
agent directly? The cluster configuration below doesn't have any, so
that would be the first thing I'd consider.

> # pcs resource show MANAGER
> Resource: MANAGER (class=ocf provider=provider type=MANAGER_RA)
>   Meta Attrs: priority=100 failure-timeout=120s migration-threshold=5
>   Operations: monitor on-fail=restart interval=10s timeout=120s
> (MANAGER-monitor-interval-10s)
>               start on-fail=restart interval=0s timeout=120s
> (MANAGER-start-timeout-120s-on-fail-restart)
>               stop interval=0s timeout=120s (MANAGER-stop-timeout-
> 120s)
> Starting the below resource
> #pcs resource enable MANAGER
> Below are error we are getting in corosync.log file ,Please suggest
> what will be RCA for below issue.
> cib:     info: crm_client_new:   Connecting 0x819e00 for uid=0 gid=0
> pid=18508 id=e5fdaf69-390b-447d-b407-6420ac45148f
> cib:     info: cib_process_request:      Completed cib_query
> operation for section 'all': OK (rc=0, origin=local/crm_resource/2,
> version=0.89.1)
> cib:     info: cib_process_request:      Completed cib_query
> operation for section //cib/configuration/resources//*[@id="MANAGER
> "]/meta_attributes//nvpair[@name="target-role"]: No such device or
> address (rc=-6, origin=local/crm_resource/3, version=0.89.1)
> cib:     info: crm_client_destroy:       Destroying 0 events

"info" level messages aren't errors. You might find /var/log/messages
more helpful in most cases.

There will be two nodes of interest. At any given time, one of the
nodes serves as "DC" -- this node's logs will have "pengine:" entries
showing any actions that are needed (such as starting or stopping a
resource). Then the node that actually runs the resource will have any
logs from the resource agent.

Additionally the "pcs status" command will show if there were any
resource failures.

> Query 2 : stack we are using classic openais (with plugin) , In that
> start the pacemaker service by default “update-origin” parameter in
> cib.xml update as hostname which pull from get_node_name function
> (uname -n)  instead we need to configure IPADDRESS of the hostname ,
> Is it possible ? we have requirement to perform the same.
> Thanks and Regards,
> S Sathish S

I'm not familiar with what classic openais supported. At the very least
you might consider switching from the plugin to CMAN, which was better
supported on RHEL 6.

At least with corosync 2, I believe it is possible to configure IP
addresses as node names when setting up the cluster, but I'm not sure
there's a good reason to do so. "update-origin" is just a comment
indicating which node made the most recent configuration change, and
isn't used for anything.
Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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