[ClusterLabs] Concept of a Shared ipaddress/resource for generic applicatons

Matt_Murdock at amat.com Matt_Murdock at amat.com
Wed Nov 27 15:13:06 EST 2019

I finally understand that there is a Apache Resource for Pacemaker that assigns a single virtual ipaddress that "floats" between two nodes as in webservers.

Can generic applications use this same resource type or is there an API to use to create a floating ip or  a generic resource to use?

In other HA system, Oracle Solaris Cluster, HPUX Service Guard, IBM PowerHA, they provide a "SharedAddress" resource type for applications to use.

I am getting confused by the Clone feature, the virtualized feature, and now the Apache resource as to how they all differ.

If this isn't right group, let me know, and be kind, im just trying to get something working and make recommendations to my developers.

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