[ClusterLabs] sbd v1.4.1

Klaus Wenninger kwenning at redhat.com
Mon Nov 25 10:24:46 EST 2019

Hi sbd - developers & users!

Thanks to everybody for contributing to tests and
further development.

Adding SBD to CI at https://ci.kronosnet.org/
showed some shortcomings of the SBD-build like some
of the automake-targets not working properly and
thus triggered some CI-related work.

Major shortcomings of the existent regression-test-script were
- tests limited to just cmdline-tool-mode accessing shared drives
- tests required loopback-mounting and device-mapper which is
  quite limiting in containerized environments

Being able to test sbd in daemon-mode addressing all the
timeout-behavior, management of watchdog-devices and
access to different means to reboot a system (without actually
triggering reboots which wouldn't be very CI-friendly) led to
introduction of a preload-library.

The preload-library as well makes it possible
to test SBD on simple image-files without the need of loopback-mounting
or device-mapper if not available on the test-environment.

The preload-library needs to be compiled and isn't 'just' a script
you can call directly out of the source-tree.
Consequently it comes handy to package all CI-related stuff - of
course as a separate package ('sbd-tests') as installation should
be optional.

These major changes in build, packaging & test made me take the
opportunity to label the repo v1.4.1.

I tried to quickly summarize the changes in the
repo since it was labeled v1.4.0:

    - improvements/clarifications in documentation
    - properly finalize cmap connection when disconnected from cluster
    - make handling of cib-connection loss more robust
    - silence some coverity findings
    - overhaul log for reasonable prios and details
    - if current slice doesn't have rt-budget move to root-slice
    - periodically ping corosync daemon for liveness
    - actually use crashdump timeout if configured
    - avoid deprecated names for g_main-loop-funcitons
    - conflict with fence-agents-sbd < 4.5.0
    - rather require corosync-devel provided by most distributions
    - make devices on cmdline overrule those coming via SBD_DEVICE
    - make 15s timeout on s390 be used consistently
    - improve build/test for CI-friendlyness
        * add autogen.sh
        * enable/improve out-of-tree-building
        * make tar generation smarter
        * don't modify sbd.spec
        * make distcheck-target work
        * Add tests/regressions.sh to check-target
        * use unique devmapper names for multiple tests in parallel
        * consistently use serial test-harness for visible progress
        * package tests into separate package (not packaged before)
        * add preload-library to intercept reboots while testing
        * add tests for sbd in daemon-mode & watchdog-dev-handling
        * make tests work in non-privileged containers


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