[ClusterLabs] Maximum number of nodes support in single cluster

S Sathish S s.s.sathish at ericsson.com
Fri Nov 22 02:32:08 EST 2019

Hi Team,

In Clusterlab below pacemaker and corosync version what is maximum cluster nodes its supported ? will it support for 120 nodes in single cluster?

corosync-2.4.4 -->  https://github.com/corosync/corosync/tree/v2.4.4
pacemaker-2.0.2 --> https://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker/tree/Pacemaker-2.0.2

if we have 120 nodes in single cluster let us know if any impact or consideration need to take for any cluster configuration parameter , please suggest.

let us know if any recommendation of cluster nodes limit pre-defined.

Thanks and Regards,
S Sathish
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