[ClusterLabs] Announcing ClusterLabs Summit 2020

Diego Akechi DAkechi at suse.com
Mon Nov 18 11:06:58 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late response here.

From SUSE, we are still collecting the final list of attendees, but we
already have 6 people confirmed, but most probably we will have around
10 people going.

I would like to propose two sessions about some of our current work:

1. Cluster monitoring capabilities based on the ha_cluster_exporter,
Prometheus and Grafana

2. Cluster deployment automation based on Salt.

If there is not enough time, we can shrink them into one slot.

On 15/10/2019 23:42, Ken Gaillot wrote:
> I'm happy to announce that we have a date and location for the next
> ClusterLabs Summit: Wednesday, Feb. 5, and Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, in
> Brno, Czechia. This year's host is Red Hat.
> Details will be given on this wiki page as they become available:
>   http://plan.alteeve.ca/index.php/HA_Cluster_Summit_2020
> We are still in the early stages of organizing, and need your input.
> Most importantly, we need a good idea of how many people will attend,
> to ensure we have an appropriate conference room and amenities. The
> wiki page has a section where you can say how many people from your
> organization expect to attend. We don't need a firm commitment or an
> immediate response, just let us know once you have a rough idea.
> We also invite you to propose a talk, whether it's a talk you want to
> give or something you are interested in hearing more about. The wiki
> page has a section for that, too. Anything related to open-source
> clustering is welcome: new features and plans for the cluster software projects, how-to's and case histories for integrating specific services into a cluster, utilizing specific stonith/networking/etc. technologies in a cluster, tips for administering a cluster, and so forth.
> I'm excited about the chance for developers and users to meet in
> person. Past summits have been helpful for shaping the direction of the
> projects and strengthening the community. I look forward to seeing many
> of you there!

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