[ClusterLabs] Q: ocf:pacemaker:NodeUtilization monitor

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Tue May 28 10:31:45 EDT 2019

On 27/05/19 08:28 +0200, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> I copnfigured ocf:pacemaker:NodeUtilization more or less for fun, and I realized that the cluster rrepiorts no problems, but in syslog I have these unusual messages:
> 2019-05-27T08:21:07.748149+02:00 h06 lrmd[16599]:   notice: prm_node_util_monitor_300000:15028:stderr [ info: Writing node (dir)Top... ]
> 2019-05-27T08:21:07.748546+02:00 h06 lrmd[16599]:   notice: prm_node_util_monitor_300000:15028:stderr [ info: Cannot find node `(dir)GNU Free Documentation License'. ]
> 2019-05-27T08:21:07.748799+02:00 h06 lrmd[16599]:   notice: prm_node_util_monitor_300000:15028:stderr [ info: Done. ]
> "(dir)" looks a lot like Documentation. What has the monitor to do with documentation?

The above looks as if you run "info" without arguments (it will try
to dispay initial page '(dir)Top' -- and moreover perhasp when it is
not found).

I have no idea how this could happen, since there's the only reference
to "info" and it seems basic-sanity guarded:


> 118     if [ -x $xentool ]; then
> 119         $xentool info | awk '/total_memory/{printf("%d\n",$3);exit(0)}'
> 120     else
> 121         ocf_log warn "Can only set hv_memory for Xen hypervisor"
> 122         echo "0"

So kind of a mystery :-)

> Despite of that the RAS seems to work. (SLES12 SP4 with current
> patches applied)

Are you sure the resource's provider is pacemaker and not heartbeat?
Got stuck for a bit trying to look up that agent on pacemaker side
(booth is admittedly also a bit misleading in this regard).

Jan (Poki)
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