[ClusterLabs] monitor timed out with unknown error

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sun May 5 10:46:10 EDT 2019

05.05.2019 16:14, Arkadiy Kulev пишет:
> Hello!
> I run pacemaker on 2 active/active hosts which balance the load of 2 public
> IP addresses.
> A few days ago we ran a very CPU/network intensive process on one of the 2
> hosts and Pacemaker failed.
> I've attached a screenshot of the terminal to this email.
> The "Failed Actions" shows that the IPaddr2 "monitor_30000" failed with
> "unknown error" and a status of "Timed Out" (queue=0ms exec=0ms). The
> /etc/init.d LSB script (mycluster) failed as well (and set to blocked).
> This completely stalled Pacemaker and the second host didn't take over the
> IP address and gateway settings.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.

Stop operation failed, you have no stonith, so pacemaker cannot continue
and is stuck.

> [image: Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 12.36.34.png]

Images are hard to reply to, consume excessive space and cannot be
viewed using text only clients. There is no reason to send image when
you can just copy and paste several lines of text.

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