[ClusterLabs] crmsh init node status in new (empty) CIB

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 04:34:03 EDT 2019

I tried to use crmsh on new empty CIB to play some simulations. It was
almost there except there is apparently no way to initialize node state
and without existing node state I cannot change or set node state (and
of course cannot simulate any useful cluster transition):

        node_node = get_tag_by_id(self.status_node, "node_state", node)
        if node_node is None:
            common_info("node %s created" % node)
            return False

Well, message sounds as crmsh set new node state while actually it did

I ended up "initializing" nodes state manually using crm_simulate, but
any reason why crmsh cannot do it itself? After all, next line is

        rc = self.inject("%s %s" % (self.node_ops[state], node))

Which does exactly what I did manually.

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