[ClusterLabs] Issue in fence_ilo4 with IPv6 ILO IPs

Rohit Saini rohitsaini111.forum at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 01:54:15 EDT 2019

Hi All,
I am trying fence_ilo4 with same ILO device having IPv4 and IPv6 address. I
see some discrepancy in both the behaviours:

*1. When ILO has IPv4 address*
This is working fine and stonith resources are started immediately.

*2. When ILO has IPv6 address*
Starting of stonith resources is taking more than 20 seconds sometime.

*[root at tigana ~]# pcs status*
Cluster name: ucc
Stack: corosync
Current DC: tigana (version 1.1.16-12.el7-94ff4df) - partition with quorum
Last updated: Wed Mar 27 00:01:37 2019
Last change: Wed Mar 27 00:01:19 2019 by root via cibadmin on orana

2 nodes configured
4 resources configured

Online: [ orana tigana ]

Full list of resources:

 Master/Slave Set: unicloud-master [unicloud]
     Masters: [ orana ]
     Slaves: [ tigana ]
 fence-uc-orana (stonith:fence_ilo4):   FAILED orana
 fence-uc-tigana        (stonith:fence_ilo4):   Started orana

Failed Actions:
* fence-uc-orana_start_0 on orana 'unknown error' (1): call=32,
status=Timed Out, exitreason='none',
    last-rc-change='Wed Mar 27 00:01:17 2019', queued=0ms, exec=20006ms

1. Why is it happening only for IPv6 ILO devices? Is this some known issue?
2. Can we increase the timeout period "exec=20006ms" to something else.

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