[ClusterLabs] Question on sharing data with DRDB

Valentin Vidic Valentin.Vidic at CARNet.hr
Wed Mar 20 13:50:02 EDT 2019

On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 01:44:06PM -0400, Digimer wrote:
> GFS2 notified the peers of disk changes, and DRBD handles actually
> copying to changes to the peer.
> Think of DRBD, in this context, as being mdadm RAID, like how writing to
> /dev/md0 is handled behind the scenes to write to both /dev/sda3 +
> /dev/sdb3. DRBD is like the same, any writes to /dev/drbd0 is written to
> both node1:/dev/sda3 + node2:/dev/sda3.
> So DRBD handles replication, and GFS2 handles coordination.

Yes, I was thinking more of the GFS2 in the shared storage setup, how
much overhead is there if the cluster nodes all write to different files
like VM images?


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