[ClusterLabs] Question on sharing data with DRDB

Valentin Vidic Valentin.Vidic at CARNet.hr
Wed Mar 20 13:46:15 EDT 2019

On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 01:34:52PM -0400, Digimer wrote:
> Depending on your fail-over tolerances, I might add NFS to the mix and
> have the NFS server run on one node or the other, exporting your ext4 FS
> that sits on DRBD in single-primary mode.
> The failover (if the NFS host died) would look like this;
> 1. Lost node is fenced.
> 2. DRBD is promoted from Secondary to Primary
> 3. ext4 FS is mounted.
> 4. Virtual IP (used for NFS) is brought up.
> 5. NFS starts
> Startup and graceful migration would be the same, minus the fence.

Would it be possible for DRBD to go into SplitBrain if the lost node
manages to write something to local DRBD disk before it gets fenced?


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