[ClusterLabs] Resource creation information

Full Name nuncestbibendum at excite.com
Tue Mar 12 17:30:21 EDT 2019

When adding a resource (with, say, "pcs create") one is supposed to supply (among other things) the following:

   1. Standard: The standard that the resource agent is assumed to comply with.
   2. Provider: A standard-dependent piece of information that indicates where the resource agent script is to be found.
   3. Type: The name of the script that embodies the resource agent.

Checking out examples I have seen online, I know about the OCF standard and the heartbeat provider. However, I don't know what standards are supported by Pacemaker, what the providers are for each standard, and what types of resource agents are delivered with Pacemaker. The pcs utility can print out a list of all the resource agents it knows about, and you can get it to list those for a given standard. But, I don't know how to get a list of standards, or documentation for them - which pcs does not provide anyway.

Are the different standards documented somewhere, with a (documented) list of providers that each contemplates, and types for each of them?

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