[ClusterLabs] FYI: clusterlabs.org server maintenance

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Mon Mar 11 09:36:02 EDT 2019

On 08/03/19 15:24 -0600, Ken Gaillot wrote:
> I plan to move the bugzilla and wiki sites over the weekend, and
> everything else sometime in the week after that.

To provide feedback:

* wiki: seems really slow now

* bugzilla: at standard responsive speed, but when adding a comment:

> An unexpected error occurred. This could be a temporary problem, or some code
> is behaving incorrectly, [...]
> URL: https://bugs.clusterlabs.org/process_bug.cgi
> There was an error sending mail from 'nobody' to '<my email>': error
> when closing pipe to /usr/lib/sendmail: Temp failure (EX_TEMPFAIL)
> Traceback:
>  at Bugzilla/Mailer.pm line 162.
>   Bugzilla::Mailer::MessageToMTA(...) called at Bugzilla/BugMail.pm line 354
>   Bugzilla::BugMail::sendMail(...) called at Bugzilla/BugMail.pm line 248
>   Bugzilla::BugMail::Send(...) called at Bugzilla/Bug.pm line 1199
>   Bugzilla::Bug::_send_bugmail(...) called at Bugzilla/Bug.pm line 1138
>   Bugzilla::Bug::send_changes(...) called at /var/www/bugzilla/process_bug.cgi line 378

Jan (Poki)
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