[ClusterLabs] How to make PAF use psql to login with password

范国腾 fanguoteng at highgo.com
Tue Mar 5 20:57:58 EST 2019


We use the PAF (https://dalibo.github.io/PAF/?) to manage the postgresql.

According to user's requirement, we could not use trust mode in the pg_hba.conf? file. So when running psql, it will ask us to input the password and we have to input the password manually.

So the pcs status show the following error:

* pgsqld_stop_0 on node1-pri 'unknown error' (1): call=34, status=complete, exitreason='Unexpected state for instance "pgsqld" (returned 1)',
    last-rc-change='Wed Mar  6 09:09:46 2019', queued=0ms, exec=504ms

The cause of the error is that the PAF (/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/pgsqlms)  will ask to input the password and we could not pass the password to psql command in the PAF script.

        exec $PGPSQL, '--set', 'ON_ERROR_STOP=1', '-qXAtf', $tmpfile,
    '-R', $RS, '-F', $FS, '--port', $pgport, '--host', $pghost,'--username','sysdba',

Is there any way for us to pass the password to the psql command in the PAF script?

We have tried to add the "export PGPASSWORD=123456" in the /etc/profile and it does not work.


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