[ClusterLabs] Problems with master/slave failovers

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 00:13:38 EDT 2019

29.06.2019 6:01, Harvey Shepherd пишет:
> As you can see, it eventually gives up in the transition attempt and starts a new one. Eventually the failed king resource master has had time to come back online and it then just promotes it again and forgets about trying to failover. I'm not sure if the cluster transition actions listed by crm_simulate are in the order in which Pacemaker tries to carry out the operations, but if so the order is wrong. It should be stopping all servant resources on the failed king master, then failing over the king resource, then migrating the servant resources to the new master node. Instead it seems to be trying to migrate all the servant resources over first, with the king master failover scheduled near the bottom, which won't work due to the colocation constraint with the king master.

Unless you configured explicit ordering between resources, pacemaker is
free to chose any order.

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