[ClusterLabs] up-to-date Gentoo ebuilds of pacemaker-2/corosync-3/pcs-0-10

Ondrej ondrej-clusterlabs at famera.cz
Sun Jun 16 09:32:25 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

I was searching for some up-to-date ebuilds of pacemaker(2.x) and 
corosync(3.x) on Gentoo. Currently available ones are pacemaker-1.1.19 
and corosync-2.4.2 as seen from pages below.


Some time ago (few months ago) I have started in my custom overlay (link 
below) creating updated ones to fill this gap.


(they should work on both systemd and openrc systems)

== Questions:
1. Is anyone aware of new version (pacemaker-2.x, corosync-3.x) ebuilds 
being maintained somewhere? (links for such projects/efforts welcomed)

2. Is anyone interested in testing out ebuilds I have made and giving a 
feedback? (via email, github issues, ...)

3. Is anyone using actively pacemaker/corosync/pcs on gentoo? :)

Thanks for any info


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