[ClusterLabs] pcs 0.10.2 released

Tomas Jelinek tojeline at redhat.com
Thu Jun 13 10:11:21 EDT 2019

I am happy to announce the latest release of pcs, version 0.10.2.

Source code is available at:

This release brings support for adding, changing and removing corosync
links in an existing cluster and several corosync / knet related fixes.
There is also a new command for reconfiguring bundle resources.

Complete change log for this release:
## [0.10.2] - 2019-06-12

### Added
- Command `pcs config checkpoint diff` for displaying differences
   between two specified checkpoints ([rhbz#1655055])
- Support for resource instance attributes uniqueness check according to
   resource agent metadata ([rhbz#1665404])
- Command `pcs resource bundle reset` for a bundle configuration
   reseting ([rhbz#1657166])
- `pcs cluster setup` now checks if nodes' addresses match value of
   `ip_version` ([rhbz#1667053])
- Support for sbd option SBD\_TIMEOUT\_ACTION ([rhbz#1664828])
- Support for clearing expired moves and bans of resources
- Commands for adding, changing and removing corosync links

### Fixed
- Corosync config file parser updated and made more strict to match
   changes in corosync
- Allow non-root users to read quorum status (commands `pcs status
   corosync`, `pcs status quorum`, `pcs quorum device status`, `pcs
   quorum status`) ([rhbz#1653316])
- Removed command `pcs resource show` dropped from usage and man page
- Put proper link options' names to corosync.conf ([rhbz#1659051])
- Fixed issuses in configuring links in the 'create cluster' form in web
   UI ([rhbz#1664057])
- Pcs no longer removes empty `meta_attributes`, `instance_attributes`
   and other nvsets and similar elements from CIB. Such behavior was
   causing problems when pacemaker ACLs were in effect, leading to
   inability of pushing modified CIBs to pacemaker. ([rhbz#1659144])
- `ipv4-6` and `ipv6-4` are now valid values of `ip_version` in cluster
   setup ([rhbz#1667040])
- Crash when using unsupported options in commands `pcs status` and `pcs
   config` ([rhbz#1668422])
- `pcs resource group add` now fails gracefully instead of dumping an
   invalid CIB when a group ID is already occupied by a non-resource
   element ([rhbz#1668223])
- pcs no longer spawns unnecessary processes for reading known hosts
- Lower load caused by periodical config files syncing in pcsd by making
   it sync less frequently ([rhbz#1676957])
- Improve logging of periodical config files syncing in pcsd
- Knet link option `ip_version` has been removed, it was never supported
   by corosync. Transport option `ip_version` is still in place.
- Several bugs in linklist validation in `pcs cluster setup`
- Fixed a typo in documentation (regardles -> regardless)
- Fixed pcsd crashes when non-ASCII characters are present in systemd
- Pcs works even when PATH environment variable is not set
- Fixed several "Unknown report" error messages
- Pcsd SSL certificates are no longer synced across cluster nodes when
   creating new cluster or adding new node to an existing cluster. To
   enable the syncing, set `PCSD_SSL_CERT_SYNC_ENABLED` to `true` in pcsd
   config. ([rhbz#1673822])
- Pcs now reports missing node names in corosync.conf instead of failing
- Fixed an issue where some pcs commands could not connect to cluster
   nodes over IPv6
- Fixed cluster setup problem in web UI when full domain names are used
- Fixed inability to setup cluster in web UI when knet links are not
   specified ([rhbz#1687562])
- `--force` works correctly in `pcs quorum unblock` (broken since
- Removed `3des` from allowed knet crypto ciphers since it is actually
   not supported by corosync
- Improved validation of corosync options and their values
   ([rhbz#1679196], [rhbz#1679197])

### Changed
- Do not check whether watchdog is defined as an absolute path when
   enabling SBD. This check is not needed anymore as we are validating
   watchdog against list provided by SBD itself.

### Deprecated
- Command `pcs resource show`, removed in pcs-0.10.1, has been readded
   as deprecated to ease transition to its replacements. It will be
   removed again in future. [rhbz#1661059]

Thanks / congratulations to everyone who contributed to this release,
including Ivan Devat, Ondrej Mular, Tomas Jelinek and Valentin Vidic.


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