[ClusterLabs] cluster move resources back despite of stickiness ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 7 05:27:00 EDT 2019

hi guys,

I have a small cluster with:

$ pcs property set default-resource-stickiness=100
$ pcs resource defaults resource-stickiness=100

$ pcs resource meta PRIV-204 stickiness=100 (on which other resources

When I stop A node (or cluster services) on which resources are running
then these are moved to another B node, all good. But these resource do
not stick to that B node when A node comes back on line, resource move
again back to node A.

What is that I'm missing? Why resources do not stick as they should?

How do I ensure the cluster gets that the cost of behaving as above is
too high.

many thanks, L.

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