[ClusterLabs] Increasing Token Timeout Safe By Itself?

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Tue Jan 22 10:26:10 EST 2019

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> Eric Robinson napsal(a):
> > I have a few corosync+pacemeker clusters in Azure. Occasionally,
> > cluster nodes failover, possibly because of intermittent connectivity
> > loss, but more likely because one or more nodes experiences high load
> > and is not able to respond in a timely fashion. I want to make the
> > clusters a little more resilient to such conditions (i.e., allow
> > clusters more time to recover naturally before failing over). Is it a
> > simple matter of increasing the totem.token timeout from the default
> > value? Or are
> there other things that should be changes as well? And once the value is
> increased, how do I make it
> Usually it is really enough to increase totem.token. Used token timeout is
> computed based on this value (see corosync.conf man page for more
> details). It's possible to get used value by executing "corosync-cmapctl
>   -g runtime.config.totem.token" command.
> active without restarting the cluster?
> You can ether edit config file (ideally on all nodes) and exec "corosync-cfgtool
> -R" (just on one node) or you can use "corosync-cmapctl  -s totem.token u32
> $REQUIRED_VALUE" (ideally on all nodes). Also pcs/crmshell may also
> support this functionality.
> Honza

Thank you very much for the feedback!


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