[ClusterLabs] 3 node cluster to 2 with quorum device

John Colgrave colgrave at uk.ibm.com
Sun Jan 6 09:47:28 EST 2019

> I am new to corosync and pacemaker, having only used heartbeat in 
> the past (which is barely even comparable, now that I’m in the 
> middle of this).  I’m working on a system for RDQM (IBM’s MQ 
> software, clustering solution) and it uses corosync with pacemaker. 
> I set it up and had a 3 node cluster with resources available 
> everywhere (any node could be made active).  However, we need to set
> this up as 2 nodes as being available for the resources and 1 node 
> to only function as a quorum device.

Why do you want to limit the queue managers to two nodes only?

I expect that to get support for a problem you would have to recreate it 
in an environment that was configured by MQ, without any changes.

RDQM was designed for a three-node symmetric cluster.


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