[ClusterLabs] PCMK_ipc_buffer recommendation

Ferenc Wágner wagner.ferenc at kifu.gov.hu
Fri Jan 18 02:22:31 EST 2019


Looking at lib/common/ipc.c, Pacemaker recommends setting
PCMK_ipc_buffer to 4 times the *uncompressed* size of the biggest
message seen:

error: Could not compress the message (2309508 bytes) into less than the configured ipc limit (131072 bytes). Set PCMK_ipc_buffer to a higher value (9238032 bytes suggested)

Before setting it, I'd like to ask for confirmation: is a 10 MB buffer
really reasonable and recommended in the above case?  I wonder what
effect it will have on total memory consumption.  Growing 10 MB would be
OK, growing 10 MB * some biggish number wouldn't.

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