[ClusterLabs] sbd v1.4.0

Klaus Wenninger kwenning at redhat.com
Mon Jan 14 08:46:10 EST 2019

Hi sbd - developers & users!

Thanks to everybody for contributing to tests and
further development.

Since SBD is closely related to Pacemaker it makes
sense to denote readiness for Pacemaker 2.0.x

So I took the opportunity to label the repo v1.4.0.

I tried to quickly summarize the changes in the
repo since it was labeled v1.3.1:

- overhaul log-levels
- add Makefile for copr-builds
- make tools rather fail if disk-devices can't be accessed
- add man section for query-watchdog & test-watchdog
- prevent start of pacemaker & dlm if sbd doesn't come up
- build against Pacemaker-2.0
- build issues with glibc 2.25 and with BSD systems
- prepare for makedev going away in <sys/types.h>
- respect newer gcc versions being more picky on
- updated travis-CI (ppc64le-build, fedora29, remove need for
- make watchdog-device-query easier to be handled by an
- configurable delay value for SBD_DELAY_START
- use pacemaker's new pe api with constructors/destructors
- make timeout-action executed by sbd configurable
- init script for sysv systems


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