[ClusterLabs] Pacemaker API structure and pkg-config files

wferi at niif.hu wferi at niif.hu
Mon Jan 14 05:48:52 EST 2019


Recently I spent some time mapping the interrelations of the C header
files constituting the Pacemaker API.  In the end I decided they were so
tightly interdependent that there was really no useful way to ship parts
of the API separately, thus I did away with the separate lib*-dev Debian
packages and merged them into a single pacemaker-dev package, much like
the pacemaker-libs-devel RPM package created by the upstream spec file.

Now I'm looking at DLM, which uses the fencing API, and trying to use
pkg-config for supplying the necessary flags.  I got pretty sure the
pkg-config files are incorrect, for example neither declares the
libxml-2.0 dependency in stonith-ng.h (which is to be dropped, but still

I'd like to get the pkg-config support of Pacemaker corrected, but
before I start cooking up patches, I need to get an idea of the
preferred direction upstream.  For a start: is providing multiple
pkg-config files (still) reasonable?

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