[ClusterLabs] Plea for a new DLM release and thoughts on its Pacemaker interface

wferi at niif.hu wferi at niif.hu
Tue Jan 8 05:56:18 EST 2019

Hi David,

The DLM git repo accumulated a couple of patches over the 4.0.7 tag,
would you mind cutting a new release for packaging?

Tangentially, would you be interested in an Autotoolized build system?
The flag handling repeatedly gives me headaches, and I'd consider
contributing that if you aren't opposed.  And if DLM development
continues with the current code base -- you mentioned new developments
for recovering from network message loss, so I expect changes..?

And once we're at it: the STONITH helper embedding to SONAME of the
Pacemaker fencing library is pretty obscure and easy to miss on library
transitions.  I guess it's done to avoid unconditionally pulling in
Pacemaker libraries and their dependencies.  Don't you think this helper
agent had better be a part of the Pacemaker CLI utilities instead?  In
my opinion the ABI coupling is stronger than the textual interface
dlm_controld uses.  But even if not, it would be possible to dynamically
link the agent against the Pacemaker libraries and split it into a
separate optional package to make all those dependencies avoidable on
systems not using Pacemaker fencing.  If all parties agree, of course.

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