[ClusterLabs] About the pacemaker

T. Ladd Omar mwang911 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 02:27:31 EST 2019

Hey guys. I have a question, if the Pacemaker has an event-notify interface
which is realized by push&pull. Recently I want to do something extra using
other process when the resources being started or deleted. So I need a way
to monitor the resources events.
ClusterMon and alerts both use external-scripts for extra actions, but in
my situation, the specific process might have not being started. I hope
pacemaker itself could store the old events and flush them for updating
until the specific process starts and subscribe to Pacemaker, then pull all
the old events. Also the Pacemaker could push to it when new events come.
Above is all what I thought, maybe it is not accurate. Anyway, I need some
By the way, there is no deletion notify in ClusterMon and alerts, right ?
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