[ClusterLabs] 3 node cluster to 2 with quorum device

Jason Pfingstmann jason at pfingstmann.com
Sun Jan 6 00:16:11 EST 2019

I am new to corosync and pacemaker, having only used heartbeat in the past (which is barely even comparable, now that I’m in the middle of this).  I’m working on a system for RDQM (IBM’s MQ software, clustering solution) and it uses corosync with pacemaker.  I set it up and had a 3 node cluster with resources available everywhere (any node could be made active).  However, we need to set this up as 2 nodes as being available for the resources and 1 node to only function as a quorum device.

To try to accomplish this, I first banned the services from one of the nodes (pcs resource ban <resource> <node> and uninstalled those components from the node.  Now when I do pcs status, I get Failed Actions: * <resource_monitor_0> on node1 ‚not installed‘

Is there a „proper“ way to remove a resource from a single node?

I did look up removing a resource from a specific node, but the only reference I could find was how to remove a resource from ALL nodes.  Perhaps having the IBM tools create the cluster to begin with left me missing some fundamental knowledge I would have had if I did it from scratch, but for IBM to support our configuration, they require the use of their setup tools.  They don’t have any documentation on how to do a 2 node cluster with additional qdevice, so we’re on our own for this part.

My apologies for not being able to copy/paste the text, but our system is air gapped and I have no way to do so.

Thanks for any help with this.

Jason Pfingstmann

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