[ClusterLabs] Concept of a Shared ipaddress/resource for generic applicatons

Valentin Vidić vvidic at valentin-vidic.from.hr
Fri Dec 27 09:04:14 EST 2019

On Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 02:44:49PM +0100, Jan Pokorný wrote:
> For the record, based on my feedback, iptables-extensions man page is
> headed to (finally) align with the actual in-kernel deprecation
> message:
> https://lore.kernel.org/netfilter-devel/20191204130921.2914-1-phil@nwl.cc/

>From a quick run of xt_cluster it seems to be working as expected for
IPv4. It requires iptables rules and ARP reply rewrite like:

arptables -A OUTPUT -o eth1 --h-length 6 -j mangle --mangle-mac-s 01:00:5e:00:01:01

However for IPv6 I could not find an equivalent command to rewrite
Neighbour Advertisment packets. Does anyone have an idea how this could
be done?


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