[ClusterLabs] Q: "crmd[7281]: warning: new_event_notification (7281-97955-15): Broken pipe (32)" as response to resource cleanup

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Mon Aug 12 11:46:47 EDT 2019


I just noticed that a "crm resource cleanup <rsc>" caused some unexpected behavior and the syslog message:
crmd[7281]:  warning: new_event_notification (7281-97955-15): Broken pipe (32)

It's SLES14 SP4 last updated Sept. 2018 (up since then, pacemaker-1.1.19+20180928.0d2680780-1.8.x86_64).

The cleanup was due to a failed monitor. As an unexpected consequence of this cleanup, CRM seemed to restart the complete resource (and dependencies), even though it was running.

I noticed that a manual "crm_resource -C -r <rsc> -N <node>" command has the same effect (multiple resources are "Cleaned up", resources are restarted seemingly before the "probe" is done.).
Actually the manual says when cleaning up a single primitive, the whole group is cleaned up, unless using --force. Well ,I don't like this default, as I expect any status change from probe would propagate to the group anyway...


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