[ClusterLabs] Gracefully stop nodes one by one with disk-less sbd

Yan Gao YGao at suse.com
Fri Aug 9 09:34:17 EDT 2019


With disk-less sbd,  it's fine to stop cluster service from the cluster 
nodes all at the same time.

But if to stop the nodes one by one, for example with a 3-node cluster, 
after stopping the 2nd node, the only remaining node resets itself with:

Aug 09 14:30:20 opensuse150-1 sbd[1079]:       pcmk:    debug: 
notify_parent: Not notifying parent: state transient (2)
Aug 09 14:30:20 opensuse150-1 sbd[1080]:    cluster:    debug: 
notify_parent: Notifying parent: healthy
Aug 09 14:30:20 opensuse150-1 sbd[1078]:  warning: inquisitor_child: 
Latency: No liveness for 4 s exceeds threshold of 3 s (healthy servants: 0)

I can think of the way to manipulate quorum with last_man_standing and 
potentially also auto_tie_breaker, not to mention 
last_man_standing_window would also be a factor... But is there a better 


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