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Mon Aug 5 02:52:16 EDT 2019


I am beginner in Clusters and am facing one issue.

I have a 2 node cluster designed for fail-over function. Pacemaker and
corosync are cluster mangers used be build it.

Scenrio :

This happens  when both the nodes are powered off together and then again
booted at same time.


node2 booted little early and node1 is still in booting process . Here
node1 resources are started in node2 (expected as node1 is still not
online) then node2 brings up its own resources. During the same time node1
is online(fully booted) and starts to bring up its own resources .

Now at the end NODE2 will have both node1 and node2 resources and  NODE1
also has its own resources . This is the issue am facing and this happens
only when both nodes are booted at same time.

But during pcs cluster standby / unstandby its works fine. It stops the
resources in one node  and then only starts  it in other node. Even
shutdown ,reboot all this scenario works fine if done on single node.

Let me know if you need any more information .

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