[ClusterLabs] How to clean up failed fencing action?

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 12:17:04 EDT 2019

I'm using sbd watchdog and stonith-watchdog-timeout without explicit
stonith agents (shared nothing cluster). How can I clean up failed
fencing action?

Current DC: ha1 (version
2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8-1.3-2.0.1+20190408.1b68da8e8) - partition with
Last updated: Sat Aug  3 19:10:12 2019
Last change: Sat Aug  3 19:04:56 2019 by hacluster via crmd on ha1

2 nodes configured
7 resources configured

Online: [ ha1 ha2 ]

Active resources:

 A	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1
 B	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1
 C	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1
 D	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1
 E	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1
 F	(ocf::heartbeat:Dummy):	Started ha1

Failed Fencing Actions:
* reboot of ha2 failed: delegate=, client=pacemaker-controld.1910,
    last-failed='Sat Aug  3 18:54:13 2019'

crm_resource requires resource which does not exist.

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