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RaSca rasca at miamammausalinux.org
Mon Sep 3 07:57:41 EDT 2018

On 9/3/18 1:14 PM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> Hi!
> I wonder: If the default-resource-stickiness is not set, and no stickiness for a resource is set, what is the stickiness of that resource? Meaning what is the default for default-resource-stickiness?
> In case it's 0, why does "crm_attribute --query --name=default-resource-stickiness --type=rsc_defaults --quiet" exit with code 6 then?
> Regards,
> Ulrich

Hi Ulrich,
default value is not set, or null, if you prefer:

$ sudo pcs property show --all | grep stickiness
 default-resource-stickiness: (null)

But the error 6 you get from the return code of crm_attribute applies to
any other property valued with "null" or whatever value.
In this specific case null and zero might count the same. This means
that the general (or default) stickiness will make each resource come
back on the node it was running on:

1 - RES1 is running on NODE1
2 - NODE1 fails
3 - RES1 move to NODE2
4 - NODE1 resurrect
5 - RES1 go back to NODE1

with a default-resource-stickiness of INFINITY you'll not get step 5,
with any other value the cluster will deal with node weights while
deciding to move back or not the resource.

Hope this helps,

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