[ClusterLabs] Questions regarding crm_mon tool

Brian Vagnini bvagnini at reliantsolutions.com
Fri Sep 28 15:41:52 EDT 2018

We are implementing an HA cluster solution and as a part of it, are using crm_mon. Part of my job is to document training materials for certain things. I am running into a problem in defining some of the information that gets outputted when running the crm_mon command.

One of my principle engineers responded with this comment.


  *   online -> explain the different states online, offline, pending and standby (there might be more)
  *   last updated/change (lookup what these mean but i think one of them shows when the cluster last had a config change or maybe changed states
My dilemma is that I can't seem to find that within the help system or anywhere else. I'm hoping that you can assist me with this.

Thanks in advance,

Brian K. Vagnini
Training & Documentation Coordinator
Tallahassee office
Slack (@bkvagnini)

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