[ClusterLabs] Colocation dependencies (dislikes)

Ian Underhill ianpunderhill at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 06:07:28 EDT 2018

Im trying to design a resource layout that has different "dislikes"
colocation scores between the various resources within the cluster.

1) When I start to have multiple colocation dependencies from a single
resource, strange behaviour starts to happen, in scenarios where resource
have to bunch together

consider the example (2 node system) 3 resources

B->A -10
C->A -10

So on paper I would expect A and C to run together and B to run on its own.
what you actually get is A and B running and C stopped?

crm_simulate -Ls says the score for C running on the same node as A is -10.
so why doesnt it start it?

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