[ClusterLabs] Rebooting a standby node triggers lots of transitions

Kadlecsik József kadlecsik.jozsef at wigner.mta.hu
Wed Sep 5 09:33:16 EDT 2018


For testing purposes one of our nodes was put in standby node and then 
rebooted several times. When the standby node started up, it joined the 
cluster as a new member and it resulted in transitions between the online 
nodes. However, when the standby node was rebooted in mid-transitions, it 
triggered another transitions again. As a result, live migrations was 
aborted and guests stopped/started.

How can one make sure that join/leave operations of standby nodes do not 
affect the location of the running resources?

It's pacemaker 1.1.16-1 with corosync 2.4.2-3+deb9u1 on debian stretch 

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