[ClusterLabs] VirtualBox : an improved OCF agent

Ioannis Ioannou roryt at roryt.gr
Wed Oct 24 03:43:57 EDT 2018

Hello again,

The original script had been posted on VB's forum and it is at Howtos there.

I subscribed, tried to reach the original author but got no response so far.

For me GPL (eg v2) is ok.



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>> Hello to all,
>> This is the first time I use HA on Linux. I'm still learning, and I
>> like?
>> it a lot.
>> I was interested to a active/passive system that can support virtual?
>> machines with live migration. For various reason I prefer VirtualBox
>> as?
>> the hypervisor.
>> I used an existing agent that I found here:?
>> https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=35372, improved it
>> and?
>> I would like to share it.
>> It is now more robust and ocf compliant and supports live migration
>> (aka?
>> teleportation in VBox's terminology). I'm testing it one week now on?
>> Debian Stretch and seems stable enough for production.
>> The assumptions in order to be used:
>> 1) Both nodes should mount the same filesystem, the same time (ie
>> iscsi,?
>> cluster, nfs, and so on). I used glusterfs and works like a charm. I
>> put?
>> VM settings and images on it.
>> 2) Both nodes should have reasonable similar hardware - close enough
>> so?
>> that teleportation can work - check VirtualBox's documentation
>> regarding?
>> teleportation for this.
>> 3) Both VMs should have the same settings- if you put the settings
>> on?
>> the common filesystem as I did, then it is easy: create the VM on
>> one?
>> node, just add it on the other.
>> 4) SSH keys should be exchanged between nodes. You see, migrate_to?
>> should be able to handle both nodes in order live migration?
>> (teleporting) to work.
>> 5) Teleportation works by putting the receiving node listening on a
>> port?
>> - by default 6000. Ensure that the port is correct and accessible
>> from?
>> the other node.
>> Any comments are more than welcomed
>> Cheers
>> John (aka Ioannis)
> That's awesome. If you can find the original author and get agreement
> to put it under an open source license, it would be a great addition to
> the resource-agents package.
> -- Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com>

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