[ClusterLabs] IPaddr2 works for 12 seconds then stops

Valentin Vidic Valentin.Vidic at CARNet.hr
Thu Oct 11 17:00:56 EDT 2018

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 01:25:52PM -0400, Daniel Ragle wrote:
> For the 12 second window it *does* work in, it appears as though it works
> only on one of the two servers (and always the same one). My twelve seconds
> of pings runs continuously then stops; while attempts to hit the Web server
> works hit or miss depending on my source port (I'm using
> sourceip-sourceport). I.E., as if anything that would be handled by the
> other server isn't making it through. But after the 12 seconds neither
> server responds to the requests against the VIP (but they do respond fine to
> their own static IPs at all times).

Could be that the switch in front of the servers does not like to see
the same MAC on two ports or something like that.

> During the 12 seconds that it works I get these in the logs of the server
> that *is* responding:
> Oct 11 12:17:43 node2 kernel: ipt_CLUSTERIP: unknown protocol 1
> Oct 11 12:17:44 node2 kernel: ipt_CLUSTERIP: unknown protocol 1
> Oct 11 12:17:45 node2 kernel: ipt_CLUSTERIP: unknown protocol 1

Protocol 1 once per second should be ICMP PING so this is just CLUSTERIP
complaining that it can't calculate sourceip-sourceport for those packets
(ICMP has no source port).

So maybe try recording the traffic using tcpdump on both servers and
see if any requests are comming in at all from the network equipment.


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