[ClusterLabs] How to generate RPMs for Pacemaker release 2.x on Centos

Lopez, Francisco Javier [Global IT] franciscojavier.lopez at solera.com
Mon Oct 15 07:52:15 EDT 2018

Hello guys !

We are planning to use Pacemaker as a base HA Software in our Company.

Our requirements will be:

- Centos-7
- PostgreSql-10

We did several tests with Pacemaker release 1.1.8 and fixed the problems found with
the RA. We finally created new RPMs from source (4.x).

Now we want to test Pacemaker release 2.x but, as we will have to create some clusters,
we want to create new RPMs for this release instead of doing manual installation on
each new box. As per what I see the RPMs for our Centos have not been created yet.

We could run 'autogen' + 'configure' but I do not find the way to generate the RPMs.
Anyone could share with me the correct paths to do this please ?
Perhaps there are some steps written somewhere and I did not find them out ...

Appreciate your help.

Francisco Javier​               Lopez

IT System Engineer       |      Global IT

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