[ClusterLabs] announcement: schedule for resource-agents release 4.2.0

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Tue Oct 9 03:45:07 EDT 2018


This is a tentative schedule for resource-agents v4.2.0:
4.2.0-rc1: October 17.
4.2.0: October 24.

I've modified the corresponding milestones at

If there's anything you think should be part of the release
please open an issue, a pull request, or a bugzilla, as you see

If there's anything that hasn't received due attention, please
let us know.

Finally, if you can help with resolving issues consider yourself
invited to do so. There are currently 86 issues and 53 pull
requests still open.

Oyvind Albrigtsen

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