[ClusterLabs] Old Pacemaker bug avoiding

Субботин Никита Андреевич nsubbotin at sfu-kras.ru
Tue Nov 27 00:42:04 EST 2018

27.11.2018 3:50, Ken Gaillot пишет:
> I don't know if a cleanup would help.
Currently, it helps.
> My first thought is to set the target-role to Slave, then back to
> Master. This would of course leave the cluster with no master for a
> period of time, but I think it would reschedule the monitors.

I think I found more effective solution. At this moment I have a script 
that runs via cron every 5 minutes on all machines and it does the 
following actions:

- runs `lrmadmin -L` and filters all Master/Slave clones running on the host

- for every Master/Slave clone the script runs `lrmadmin -S <rsc_id>` 
and detects if the clone has no operations and its state is LRM_RSC_IDLE

- for every idle rsc_id with no operations it runs `crm_resource -C -r 

This way the cleanup operation runs only if it's needed and Pacemaker 
only refreshes its internals (lrm, cib) without stopping/demoting 
resources. In fact, it tries to start a resource, so Pacemaker executes 
monitor op, figures out the resource is already in running-master state 
and does nothing else


С уважением,
Субботин Никита Андреевич,
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